Working with perishable goods requires a commitment from all the people involved during the process. Starting with employees who pick the fruits till the last conditioned transport to retailers where the product is being displayed to final consumers. Not to mention the whole growing process which is stated to produce the best quality of fruits instead of producing the most kg’s. The fruits from our own orchards are being picked in a short period of time, which minimizes the differences in ripeness. We save a large number of fruits for the end of the season, these fruits are picked first to make sure pressures still live up to standards of international retailers even after 10-11 months of storage. Storing fruits for such a long period of time requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Urfruit’s growers use the most advanced cooling technologies, which enables us to supply apples and pears till the end of the season.

Before we start packing the fruits, we carefully monitor each crop. Certificates like Global Gap of the crop are archived and studied, enabling us to know exactly which pesticides have been used during the production. The gathered information is used to trace the fruits from orchard to final consumer, this information can be delivered on demand anytime anywhere. In addition we measure the pressure and brix level to see what the actual state of the product is. When the fruits have received their OK the fruits will be packed, in one of our BRC certified pack houses, following the client’s specifications.  All this to make sure the fruits arrive in the right condition to the final consumers anywhere in the world.

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